Ed Ready Instructor Guide

(EdReady materials in the above webinar begin at approximately 18:15)

If you need to contact a NMDELT EdReady Administrator, please email Cash Clifton: Cclifton4@NMDELT.org. Responses may be delayed due to high volume related to the 2020 pandemic.

EdReady is an open source program to help adult students prepare for math exams and college. Students self-register and can use Public Goals or Private Goals. Descriptions of these goals are listed below.

To begin, have students go to https://nmdelt.edready.org and create an account. Please take a few minutes to view the video on the homepage. BE SURE THE PAGE MATCHES THE IMAGE ABOVE. If students go to http://edready.org and create an account, we will not be able to access reports or monitor progress. No teacher account is required; however, you will need an account to access reports, view progress and create new private goals if you choose to do so.

To request a teacher account, go to http://www.nmdelt.org/request-edready-account and complete the form. A NMDELT account is required to have a teacher account, so request that account first if you do not already have one.

To create a class, go to "Edit EdReady version" and then click on Goals. Create a new goal in order to group your data. Be sure to add curriculum to your goal by copying a scope. NMDELT suggests creating a unique goal for each of your classes every semester in order to make data reporting easier. PLEASE DO NOT ARCHIVE GOALS.

Goals available:

Public Goals may be accessed by ANYONE!!! Your students can use these, your neighbors can use these, someone interested in preparing for college math but not enrolled in an adult education program can use them. There is a message at the end of each assessment that guides users to their nearest adult education program if they need additional assistance. EdReady can be used as a recruitment device.

Private Goals require a key code to participate. The following goals have been preset with assessments and curriculum aligned to the College and Career Standards and the new (not current) NRS competencies. NMDELT recommends having your students work in Private Goals that you create for the purposes of data reporting.

Goal: AE Math 1

Key: AEMath1

Assessments: NRS Level 1; NRS Level 2

Short Description: This goal covers math fundamentals which includes working with whole numbers, beginning fractions, basic geometry and measurement.

Goal: AE Math 2

Key: AEMath2

Assessments: NRS Level 3

Short Description: This goal covers intermediate math skills including working with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, geometry, and measurement.

Goal: AE Math 3

Key: AEMath3

Assessments: NRS Level 4

Short Description: This goal covers high intermediate math skills including working with fractions, decimals, proportions, percents, geometry, and algebraic concepts.

Goal: AE Math 4

Key: AEMath4

Assessments: NRS Level 5; NRS Level 6

Short Description:This goal covers advanced math skills including algebra, geometry, and statistics.

Accessing Progress Information

  1. Log in to https://nmdelt.edready.org with your @nmdelt.org email account AFTER your teacher account has been created. (Please DO NOT create a student account with your @nmdelt.org account. You may use any other email address if you want to create a student account to see how it works from the student perspective.)
  2. To monitor progress, the reports are accessed by assessment. The first page is the reporting page. A list of Assessments with Student Activity will be showing.
    1. Click on the Reports link next to the assessment you want to see. The next page shows you a summary which includes all students in the state who have completed that assessment.
    2. Click on the Student Data tab. Scroll through and view your student information. It will show you where the student started in the assessment and what the current score is. You’ll notice that you can see the total amount of time each student has been studying in the system. This is not the time you should submit for attendance.

Accessing Report Information

  1. On your homepage, click on the Edit EdReady Version: New Mexico Adult Basic Education button. Then click on the Students tab and find the student you want to report hours for. Click on the Edit link next to the student name.
  2. Click on the Sessions tab. Each time a student logs in, the time is recorded. Since EdReady times out if student are inactive, use the Session Time for reporting. Time spent outside of class can be reported as distance learning time for the adult education program.

NOTE: Check progress against time spent in the program. Students with a lot of time and little progress are likely to need more intervention.