Meet The Team

Tina Hite

Tina Hite manages the DELT project as well as the Adult Education Center at UNM-Valencia. As an instructor, she initiated a "guided internet course" long before there were guidelines to do so in adult education. She attended Project IDEAL workshops in 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2014. With training and support of Project IDEAL, she provided DL 101: Teaching Adult Learners at a Distance training to most programs in the state. She also taught DL 104: Study Group on Persistence as a pilot and then as an offering to NM programs. Tina primarily supports administrative issues for distance/hybrid learning.

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Phone: (505) 925-8920 (Office)

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Jamie Trujillo

In addition to being a Senior Training Consultant for the NMDELT Team, Jamie Trujillo is the education director for Albuquerque Adult Learning Center, Inc. and a mentor for the C3 Project. She also currently serves as the NMAEA Board Secretary for 2017/18. Jamie has been involved with distance education since 2010. She has led distance and classroom hybrid classes, facilitated many in-house workshops for her program as well as at many local and national conferences. Jamie enjoys providing support and training and distance education techniques to all AE practitioners in New Mexico. Jamie can assist you with Google Tools, PLATO and EdReady.

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Email: or

Phone: (505) 907-9957 (Office)

Google Hangouts: Jamie Trujillo,

Montserrat Oyanedel-Tolmo

Montserrat Oyanedel-Tolmo is the English Language Learning, Marketing & Outreach and Distance Ed Coordinator at the Taos Education & Career Center - UNM Taos branch. She is originally from Chile , and as an English Language Learner she knows the challenges of learning a new language. As a DELT team member she is focusing on researching and implementing effective ESL materials and software in the classroom. She is eager to spread the benefits of technology and distance education to students and educators throughout the state. Montserrat can assist you with Edmentum PLATO, Spanish HSE and ELA Resources, G Suite for Education, Ed Ready, Distance Learning, Career Ready 101 and general technology topics.

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Phone: 575-737-7370 (office)

Google Hangouts: Montserrat Oyanedel Tolmo,


Cash Clifton

Cash Clifton is the Academic Foundations Coordinator for the University of New Mexico and possesses a background in counseling and teaching math in New Mexico public schools. He has been working in distance education since 2007, with experience using several software programs, including Edmentum PLATO, McGraw-Hill's ALEKS, Pearson's MyLab, EdReady, Khan Academy, and Hippocampus. Cash hopes to support the expansion and continuing improvement of distance and hybrid learning throughout the state, with an emphasis on meaningful student engagement. Cash can assist you with best practices in distance learning, EdReady, PLATO, student motivation, communication strategies, and accessing free resources.

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Phone: (505) 277-0883 (Office/Message)

Google Hangouts: Cash Clifton,

Jane Faith Schauermann

Jane Faith Schauermann, a Master Training Consultant for the DELT team, is also a full-time faculty member at UNM-Taos working as an instructor in the Department of Mathematics and at the Taos Education and Career Center (TECC). Faith has earned her Master of Arts in Education at NMSU with a focus on Curriculum & Instruction and Learning Design & Technology. She also utilizes the Aleks program in post-secondary courses and enjoys the benefits that hybrid and distance learning opportunities offer our diverse student population. Let her share how she has used google tools, gaming apps and the TPACK framework to integrate technology into her curriculum.

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Phone: (575) 737-7370 (office)

Google Hangouts: Jane Schauermann,

Twitter: @Fschauermann

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Terri Gustafson

Meet Miss Terri. Originally, from everywhere, Terri has resided in New Mexico since 2009. During this period, she has worked as a Foundational Math Instructor at UNM, an HSE instructor at CNM, a Senior Training Consultant for NMDELT and, most recently, a Training Specialist and Coordinator for the ACCE Project at UNM Valencia.

Terri earned her MA in Education in 2007 but as a lifelong learner, she continues to expand her knowledge through professional development and technology. A non-traditional student herself, it is easy to understand why her passion lies in Adult Education.

Terri has spearheaded our “Tech Talks”, so no matter what your level of comfort is with technology, you can learn something new with our recorded webinars or join in live as she presents something new every first Thursday of the month.

Terri can provide support with designing a quality blended learning course, the G Suite for education apps and tools, setup and training in programs such as Career Ready 101, PLATO, and EdReady.

Located in Albuquerque, feel free to email, phone, or hangout!

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Phone: (505) 925-8923 (office)

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Don Dutton

Don Dutton is an adult educator dedicated to student achievement. He has been a teacher, administrator and trainer and has worked with technology in the classroom since 2001. He developed and facilitated a distance learning program at Doña Ana Community College and also offered the class to soldiers at White Sands Missile Range who needed to improve their ASVAB scores. Don has used online courses for HSE and ELA students to prepare for college, college entrance exams, the Workkeys exam and, of course, for a high school equivalency exam. Don believes a hybrid model using face-to-face instruction integrated with online study is the best of both worlds and provides the greatest opportunity for students to achieve their goals as quickly as possible. He currently teaches ELA. Don can assist with Plato instruction and program set up, Career Ready 101, EdReady and Hippocampus, as well as Google Tools.

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Phone: (575) 496-9835

Kristen Waring

Kristen Waring has been involved with educating adults since 2008. She currently works as a Training Specialist and Coordinator at UNM-Valencia for the ACCE Project. Kristen specializes in Blended and Distance Learning classes. She is integrally involved in the push to transition all courses at UNM-Valencia AEC into paperless or semi-paperless classrooms using the G-Suite for Education tools including Google Classroom. She is also working hard towards becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer.

Kristen can assist you with G Suite for Education, including Google Classroom, Building a Quality Blended Learning program, PLATO Learning Environment, Career Ready 101 and EdReady.

Contact Information:

Kristen M Waring

Phone: 505-925-8923 (office)


Google Hangouts: Kristen Waring

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