Career Ready 101 Evaluation and User's Guide 2017

New Mexico Adult Educators,

The New Mexico Distance Education and Learning Technologies (NMDELT) team is proud to present its most recent contribution to educational learning technology. The CareerReady101 Evaluation and User's Guide is now available.

The Guide gives instructors a way to use CR101 as a supplement to classroom objectives in the most direct way possible. We have set up charts that direct instructors and students to lessons that will reinforce objectives studied in class. For example, if the class objective is "reading signs, charts and graphs", the crosswalk chart shows the specific part of the specific module in the appropriate NRS level that relates to signs, charts and graphs.

In addition, for ELL instructors or for any class with low-level readers, the Reading for Information level 1, 2 and 3 evaluation chart is indispensable for helping students succeed in this real-world reading curriculum.

To prepare all our students for the technology they will face in the workplace and in college, and for the reading and comprehension they will be expected to have mastered for a job, the Guide can provide much-needed support for adult students and instructors.

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