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Digital dictionary that provides definitions, spelling, audio pronunciations, example sentences ,and word origins.


Free online website that has a wide list of synonyms and antonyms.


Online bilingual dictionary for English and many other languages.

Listenening & Speaking

Sounds of Speech

This website help you with the phonetics of american English. It has clear videos that show how to pronounce vowels and consonants.

ESL Randall's Cyber Listening Lab

One of the most famous listening free websites. It provides a wide variety of listening materials, such as conversations with kids and teenagers, daily ESL, ESL slang, teacher materials, and more.

Rachel ESL

This is a complete ELL listening website. She presents the sound of English , intonation, linking and stress, stress and more through didactic videos.

ESL Postcast

Website that offers reading and listening materials for free. At the end the student can see the work done and a list of completed activities.

English Listening Lesson Library Online

This website has a "ton" of resources to practice listening comprehension and reading in English. Provides resources for all levels.

Teacher Materials

Sticky Ball

This website offers "tons" of printable worksheets for teachers with grammar exercises, phrasal verbs, games, and more.

Busy Teacher

One of the most popular websites that provides a wide variety of resources for "busy teachers", such as worksheets, blog discussions, flashcards, ice breakers ideas, and more.

The Internet TELS Journal

Even though it is out of date, this website offers articles, research papers, lessons plans, classroom handouts, and links.

Handouts Online

A great resource to obtain worksheets. It offers quality materials that are for free, and also it gives the option to purchase other materials.

Adult ESL Training Videos

New American Horizons provides quality videos for teachers that model different ESL lessons in the classroom.

American English

Resource that provides a variety of engaging materials and resources for teachers and students.

Worksheets & Materials

English Page

This website provides free English lessons and resources for ESL and EFL teachers.

Break News English

Excellent resource that provides reading comprehension and listening lessons for the ESL/EFL classroom.

Activities for ESL Students

This website provides quizzes, testes, exercises and puzzles for students.

TOEFL & TOIEC Test Preparation


Provides TOEFL preparation information to pass the test. It has reading, writing, and listening practice.


This website is a course that has a cost. However, it provides FREE practices TOEFL tests.


Free TOEFL exercises to master the test. It also supports students with tips, extra materials, links for English schools around the world and more.

English Stuff

It provides free practices exercises for TOEFL, TOIEC and IELTS. It also supports vocabulary and pronunciation practice.


BCC LEARNING ENGLISH CENTRAL: this Youtube channel provides videos with diverse content with the purpose of improving English skills. They have videos of every taste.

LISTEN AND READING ALONG: this channel is unique and fun! The videos are made by a non-profit group totally dedicated to making "rovies" (reading movies). Which is a story, article, song, etc. that has synchronized text and audio.

JENNIFFER ESL: Jennifer is an experience teacher that has been uploading video lessons since 2007. This channel offers lessons for beginners, professionals, grammar, and more.

ESL Online Curriculum Review 2015

The following report was created on June 2015 with the support of four English as a Second Language teachers from the state of New Mexico.

For further questions, please contact Montserrat Oyanedel-Tolmo at moyanedel@nmdelt.org.

ESL Program Report -DELT 2015 (1).pdf

Video Lessons


Great website to learn English for FREE through 912 video lessons made by native-speaker teachers. Some of the topics covered are pronunciation, slang, vocabulary, grammar, TOEFL and other test preparation, and more.


It provides around 1000 videos for all the levels and different categories to practice English with immersion in your native language. Some of the features that offers are subtitles in English and in your native language, slow play, and listening game.

English Central

One of the best websites with video lessons in diverse topics and for different levels. First, you watch the video, then learn new words, and finally you speak the video. A great way to improve English pronunciation, grammar, listening and speaking skills.


It provides educational resources to improve listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary skills.

VOA English

Multimedia source of news and information. It offers audio programs and captioned videos at the intermediate to upper-beginner English level. The videos are read one-third slower than normal English speed.

Writing & Grammar


This website is a great alternative to make grammar and English acquisition fun! Provides support clear lessons that enforce content, with quizzes that match the students interests. Teachers can create a classrooms and control their class online.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Free online writing lab by the University of Purdue that provides excellent writing resources and instructional materials.

English Grammar

This outstanding resource provides grammar materials for every English level from downloadable worksheets to online exercises.

Free Programs


Popular platform that provides language-learning instructions. Includes a website and app, as well as a digital language proficiency assessment exam. All its language courses are free of charge.

USA Learns

Excellent website that provides English language learning instruction for beginner to intermediate English level students.

Mango Languages

This platform offers language learning instructions . It has 63 languages available, and it is for free through libraries (check your local library).